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2015 Visit - Bottle to Building

Following her visit to our Link School in The Gambia in 2015, Mrs Adams wrote:

Part of my love for Gambia is the fact that people there waste nothing. Although there is little waste due to not having a great deal to begin with, the rubbish they do get they turn into something useful. That something useful is used as a support, adding value to their daily living. The notion of reusing something is second nature.

During my visit in March 2015 I was taken to a school where children, staff and the community carried out a litter pick within their school grounds. Plastic waste is a big problem in Gambia and can be seen on roads all around. As you can see from the photos in the attached Powerpoint, in Sifoe Lower Basic School, a small office has been built with their plastic waste. As I have said before, I feel privileged every time I travel to Gambia and get the opportunity to work alongside such innovative, clever and productive people. They most certainly are raising a generation of critical thinkers and broad minded citizens. I feel we have a lot to learn.