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Sponsor a Child

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you know, I spent the best part of last academic school year in Gambia, working within six pre-schools, which is equivalent to what we know as Reception, Year One and Year Two. I was working alongside the head teachers and teaching staff to try and support them to improve their quality of teaching. Teaching is repetitive with little, if any, progress throughout the year groups so I was able to make a big difference introducing ‘play’ for the youngest children. The six schools I was involved with, and am still very much in touch with, are supported by a charity called: Project Gambia. You can learn more about this charity by looking on their website, which is: www.cornertolearn.co.uk

Their main aim is to raise teaching standards across all schools and with over 60 teachers and almost 1,000 children, I’m sure you can appreciate this has been no mean feat, especially within the culture where change is not always embraced. While I was in Gambia, I introduced joint lesson observations where the head teachers pair up and visit each other’s schools. This was a positive experience for all involved. Before I left, unfortunately early due to the situation with Covid19, groups were learning through play and training had been given on what progression looks like through the curriculum.

Many of the families there are very poor and as education is not supported or supplemented by the government; parents have to pay for their children to attend. Many don’t. I know I asked about this last academic year but would like to ask again whether you might consider giving £12.00 a year, to allow one child to attend school for a whole year. I am very grateful to those who have already given and all the money given can now be used effectively as schools reopen after a very long closure due to Covid19. Children have only just started going back to school in the past few weeks.

As well as paying their school fees, this money also provides the children with a school uniform and bag. I can guarantee that 100% of what you give will be given to the head teacher to be used effectively for individual children. Some of the six schools already have outside sponsorships, but one of them has no other support and the attendance of the children dwindles as the year passes, due to parents not being able to afford to send them. The head teacher of this school is very hard working and proactive and has taken on everything I have recommended to try and improve the quality of school life for both her teachers and children. I know she would be very appreciative of any support.   Even though I am no longer working there, I am in constant touch with all the head teachers and will be able to receive photographs of the children you have sent money for.

Now I am back at Peatmoor, if you do feel you would like to support a child, please do pass £12.00 to the school office via your child. Please include your name on the front of the envelope so the photograph of your sponsored child can be given to you. We will then collect all the money together and ensure that it is sent securely to benefit the school that I have mentioned above. If you would like to ask me anything more about the project or the charity, please do email me or phone the school and I will happily answer any questions you have.

Many thanks, Mrs Adams.