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Here we would like to share with you details of special events that have been supported by the school as part of a global community.

Christmas Box Appeal 2021

Christmas Box Appeal 2021 (2)

Week of Welcome - November 2021

Week of Welcome - November 2021

Swindon Schools of Sanctuary: Show Your Heart Week of Welcome - 22nd - 26th November 2021

Peatmoor has always embraced diversity and the fact we live in a multi-cultured society. Our communities are changing all the time and we feel it is important our children know how to be accepting of others, regardless of where they have come from.

Once again, we will take part and contribute to a special week, which highlights the importance of welcoming people to our country and school.

f you want to find out more about City of Sanctuary, then please visit their website: https://cityofsanctuary.org/2021/10/01/media-support-for-your-togetherwithrefugees-week-of-action/ More locally, you can find information about Swindon – Schools of Sanctuary here: https://swindon.cityofsanctuary.org/category/schools

Young people and staff in our school are showing support for people who have had to flee from danger and come to live in the UK, by making two simple acts: 

  • taking selfies with our messages of welcome and support on orange hearts   
  • sharing our messages and selfies – creatively, imaginatively, physically, and digitally

We will share our messages of welcome and support for people who have been forced to flee their homes, in the next few newsletters. Please keep a look out.






Christmas Box Appeal 2020

Thank you for supporting the 2020 Christmas Box Appeal

Peatmoor Community Primary School was delighted to support the FSCI Christmas Box Appeal last year. Thank you to all those families who made the commitment of time and money in such challenging circumstances, to contribute a box. Thousands of children and families in institutions, kindergartens and schools in poor rural and urban areas, senior citizens homes, Roma communities, protected homes and refugee centres throughout Bulgaria received Christmas presents as a result of the generosity of those taking part in the appeal, with a total 6,492 boxes distributed.

Teodora Koleva, Director of FSCI Bulgaria, is in no doubt about the importance of the project. “With these presents, we show the most vulnerable children and families that we think of them and believe in them, even more so in these challenging times. Thank you to everybody who contributed to the appeal once again!”

COVID made for a very different feel to this year’s campaign. Rich Parsons, the project leader says, “It was a real relief to see all your Christmas boxes arrive in Bulgaria after being delayed because of COVID and other things beyond our control. Despite all the difficulties, we were encouraged by our wonderful volunteers who helped to check and pack all the boxes, and of course by the number of presents we received from our amazing supporters, many of whom were only too pleased to be doing something to help others during this difficult period”.

Thank you again for helping (our school) to be part of this!

You can see Christmas boxes being distributed here or go to YouTube and search “FSCI (UK)”.

Christmas Box Appeal 2020 (2)