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Spending Forecast 2018/19

Funding for academic year September 2018 – July 2019   - Peatmoor Community Primary School

Total funding: £31,680.00

Identified Issue


How impact is measured


Children can arrive at school late and/or hungry which has an impact on the child’s ability to focus once in school.

After School provision can aid Pupil Premium families in finding employment without the maximum outlay towards childcare.

Our Extended Schools provision can be offered at a subsidy to those Pupil Premium families that need our additional support. Children can spend extra time in a supportive environment and benefit from the equipment and meals provided.

A settled start to the school day will improve focus and ability to concentrate on learning, increasing progress and attainment scores.

Families will have the opportunity to seek employment.

£2394,00 - Allocated Breakfast Club provision for 6 pupils per year.

£6,885.60 - Allocated After School Club provision for 4 pupils per year.


Inclusion Manager

A designated adult to coordinate the provision for and care of Pupil premium children. She will act as a learning mentor for them.  She will also liaise with parents and outside agencies where appropriate.

Having one adult to coordinate pastoral support for families, learning interventions for children and to act as a mediator between the family and outside agencies will ensure support is coherent and specific.

£7,096.50 - 1 day per week x 38 weeks

Pupil Premium children do not always focus during whole class teaching due to their minds being on other issues.  

A range of individual support and small group interventions will take place in both English and Maths. Some of these will be implemented by teachers and some by teaching assistants. All will be monitored on a regular basis and adapted to meet the needs of the children.    Focussed groups will take place every afternoon to diminish the differences on a daily basis.

Progress in English and Maths will be accelerated and attainment will rise.

£8,813.34  (combined)

Historically, Pupil Premium children have not been able to take up a place on our Residential Trip in Year 6 due to low income.

By funding the cost of the Residential Trip, the children can take part in this week long experience. This trip is organised for November to ensure bonds are built for this important year.

The children will feel part of the class, experiencing the team building opportunities on offer. On return, the children will work together to aid confidence and learning for the remainder of the year.

£1,215.00 - 6 x Year 6 children for 5 days

Pupil Premium children, in general, have limited experiences outside school and home.  This is evident in their behaviour pattern, where they are shy and under-confident or seeking attention through displaying extreme non-acceptable behaviour.

Pupil Premium children will be assessed and specifically chosen to attend a three-day residential trip to Abbey Home Farm. Follow Up projects back in school will involve extension of Maths and English skills.

This experience will promote confidence, responsibility and teamwork as well as life skills, with the view to the children bringing these qualities back into school to promote their learning.

£1,215.00 – 6 x Year 5 children for 3 days

Pupil Premium children rarely have the opportunity to experience a wide range of reading material.

Additional reading materials (such as comics) will be provided in each class to promote a love of reading. These materials will be specific to the children’s interests.

The love of reading will be evident by the children’s enthusiasm over their reading materials.  Progress within Reading will accelerate as a result.

£420 – 7 classes x £60 per year

In general, Pupil Premium children need support with their social and emotional skills.




Often, parents need support with parenting skills.

Nurture groups will operate during the year, run by trained Teachers and Teaching Assistants, to support many of the Pupil Premium children with their social and emotional skills. Some of these groups involve parent participation too. 

Monitoring of the groups of children will show positive changes in their social and emotional skills which will impact on their learning.


Parents will become more involved in school and seek advice when needed.

£24.00 (2 hours) x 12 weeks = £288.00

£55.32 (2 hours) x 12 weeks = £663.84

= £951.84


At present, we do not have Pupil Premium children taking up instrument tuition due to low income.

Funding will be given to Pupil Premium children to enable them to have access to individual instrumental tuition from Swindon Cooperative.

Apart from having the opportunity to enjoy the art of playing an instrument, the children will feel self-worth, growing in confidence as they realise their abilities.

£748.00 - Allocated to 2 children for one academic year



There are occasions in school where parents of Pupil Premium children are unable to provide school kit or replace lost items due to low income.

We will pay for the individual needs of Pupil Premium children that are identified during the year by their class teachers. Some examples of this may be:

  • Replacing books and book bags
  • Providing PE kit
  • Replacing water bottles
  • Contributing towards school uniform
  • Books to read at home
  • Swimming

By providing these subsidies Pupil premium children will be able to take part in the wide range of school activities on offer.










£102.80  (4 children in Year 3)

Pupil Premium children often lose out on extra-curricular events organised by our Friends of Peatmoor Committee.

Funding the events so that the children are not disadvantaged; losing out on whole school events

  • Santa’s Grotto
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • 2 x discos per year
  • Bingo

The children will feel included and parents supported in joining in the full life of the school.