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Sponsor a Child

Message from Mrs Adams

Many of the families here are very poor and as education is not supported or supplemented by the government, parents have to pay for their children to attend. Many don’t.

I would like to ask whether you might consider giving £12.00 a year for the next year for one child to attend school. As well as paying their school fees. this also provides the children with a school uniform and bag. I can guarantee that 100% of what you give will be given to the head teacher for individual children. Some of the six schools already have outside sponsorships, but one of them has no other support and the attendance of the children dwindles as the year passes. The head teacher of this school is very hard working and proactive, and has taken on everything I have recommended to try and improve the quality of school life for both her teachers and children. I know she would be very appreciative of any support.

I will see to it personally which children she chooses and can take photos for you on my return. Mrs Eaton is retuning for a visit at the end of April, so if you do feel you would like to support a child, it would be easy to pass £12.00 to the school office her to bring out. Please include your name so the photograph of your sponsored child can be given to you.