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1. To raise the standard of ICT in the school.

2. To stimulate and promote the use of ICT in order to support, enhance and extend learning opportunities.

3. To use ICT as a specific curriculum area and also a cross curricular tool as part of the recommendations outlined in the National Curriculum.

4. To help both pupils and teachers develop confidence and competence in the use of ICT in a range of situations and contexts.



At each Key Stage children are entitled to the opportunity to develop ICT capability through activities that arise in all curriculum areas, undertaken individually or in groups. 

Children should use ICT to:

  • Communicate and handle information
  • Design, develop, explore and evaluate models of real or imaginary situations
  • Measure and control physical variables and movement
  • Make informed judgements about ICT applications and their effect on the quality of life for society and the individual

Additionally, by encouraging ICT development through the Programme of Study teachers can:

  • Enable children to become familiar with ICT in many contexts
  • Develop children’s confidence and satisfaction in the use of ICT
  • Broaden children’s understanding of the effects of the use of ICT
  • Enable children to take greater responsibility for their own learning and provide opportunities for them to decide when it is appropriate to use ICT in their work
  • Encourage the flexibility needed for children to adjust to and take advantage of future developments in ICT

Our ICT curriculum coverage has been broken up into strands to teach the skills of:

  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Digital literacy