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At Peatmoor we aim to stimulate pupils’ interest and understanding of their surroundings and in a variety of physical and human conditions on the Earth’s surface. We want to foster pupils’ sense of wonder at the beauty in the world around them.

All children will leave Peatmoor with a good understanding of both their local area and the wider world. They will be able to identify the continents and oceans and know how we in Swindon are a part of it.  They will have developed a good knowledge of the geography of a variety of countries and how this has a direct impact on why and how countries differ.  They will leave both knowledgeable and excited about the world around them.

At Peatmoor we have a topic based approach to learning that allows the children to continually make links between their existing and newly acquired knowledge.  We follow the National Curriculum and have used it to help us plan and organise each year groups topics.  We have a skills based approach to planning and have a created a curriculum that builds on the previous year’s learning and has clear progression of skills throughout the school.  Our topics are planned to provide the children with a variety of lessons delivered, where possible, through a hands on and cross curricular approach.  We use our own and the local environment to deepen understanding and to provide environmental experiences.

Our topics allow us to start with the human and physical geography of the local area and we expand on this as the children progress through the school, so that the children at Peatmoor leave us with a clear understanding of both the human and physical geography of the local area, of Great Britain, Europe and the wider world.