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School Travel Ambassadors

Promoting Sustainable Travel and Working Together to Keep Safe on the Roads

As a community, we work together to promote and highlight sustainable and safe travel to school and when we are out and about at other times.  Staff and children work closely to try and include the whole community through our curriculum and targeted whole school events.

It is a priority at Peatmoor Community Primary School to ensure that our pupils travel to school safely. The role of the School Travel Ambassadors (STARs) is to help to ensure that Road Safety remains a high profile.

Our STARs are chosen because they are committed to sustainable transport and understand the need for children to be safe when travelling to school.

Their responsibilities include assisting our Swindon Borough Council School Travel Officer when she comes into school to give termly road safety assemblies and to help with promotions and competitions. They also help to collect information and carry out surveys for the School Travel Plan.

Our School Travel Ambassadors for this year are Alex, Cole, Lilly and Archie.

School Travel Ambassadors

The School Travel Ambassador role involves:

  • Being a point of liaison between the Road Safety/School Travel team and the school community
  • Promoting road safety and smarter travel messages within school -  notice board, assemblies, website pages etc
  • Leading activities in school -  travel surveys, campaigns such as Walk to School week, special events and competitions
  • Representing their school at wider events, such as school travel conferences

Travel Ambassadors Newsletters