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Promoting Sustainable Travel and Working Together to Keep Safe on the Roads

As a community, we work together to promote and highlight sustainable and safe travel to school and when we are out and about at other times.  Staff and children work closely to try and include the whole community through our curriculum and targeted whole school events.

It is a priority at Peatmoor Community Primary School to ensure that our pupils travel to school safely.  We encourage walking or cyling to school through assemblies and initiatives such as:

  • International Walk to School Month (run by Living Streets).
  • Road Safety Week (co-ordinated by Brake)
  • The Big Pedal (run by Sustrans)
  • Walk to School Week (run by Living Streets)
  • Beat the Street (delivered by Intelligent Health)
  • Sponsored Walk around Peatmoor Lagoon (run by Friends of Peatmoor School)

We ensure our older children can cycle safely by offering free Bikeability training.  We keep our pupils safe if they are walking in the local community as part of a school trip by providing hi-vis vests for them to wear.

We liaise with the local community regarding safe parking around the school and thank the HongXin restaurant for allowing us to use part of their car park at peak school drop off and collection times.

School Travel Ambassadors

The role of the School Travel Ambassadors (STARs) is to help to ensure that Road Safety remains a high profile.

Our STARs are chosen because they are committed to sustainable transport and understand the need for children to be safe when travelling to school.

Their duties include liaising with personnel from Swindon Borough Council on matters of road safety and sustainable travel. Special visitors are invited to school to give assemblies, raise awareness, promote local and national completions, and help us with our active participation in the Modeshift Travel Scheme.  They also help to collect information and carry out surveys for the School Travel Plan.

The School Travel Ambassador role involves:

  • Being a point of liaison between the Road Safety/School Travel team and the school community
  • Promoting road safety and smarter travel messages within school - notice board, assemblies, website pages etc
  • Leading activities in school - travel surveys, campaigns such as Walk to School week, special events and competitions
  • Representing their school at wider events, such as school travel conferences

Travel Ambassadors News

November 2019

Between 25th September and 6th November the whole school took part in Swindon's second Beat the Street Challenge.  The aim is to earn as many points as possible for you and your school by walking, running or cycling between Beat Boxes across Swindon.  To play, you are given a map so you can find the your nearest Beat Boxes.  You start by tapping one Beat Box with your fob until it flashes and beeps then walk, cycle or scoot to a different Beat Box within an hour and tap again to score 10 points.  As you continue your journey, tap each Beat Box you pass to score more points.

Peatmoor School came 5th out of all West Swindon Schools with a score of 36830 points.  Well done everybody!