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Children: School Council


Our School Council helps to make Peatmoor a better school.

Peatmoor's School Council continues to give the children a chance to voice their opinions and offer suggestions about the running of their school. The School Council meets twice per month to discuss any issues that are important to the children.

One Year 5 representative commented, 'It makes the school a better place because our issues are listened to by the teachers.'
Where possible, the issued raised, are resolved and suggestions are put into practice.
New to the School Council this year is input from the Buddies who report on issues relating to Peer Mediation. After each meeting, the minutes are discussed with Mrs Mathews for comment and approval of ideas. Please come in and look at our book where we keep everything that is discussed.

Who we are

Once again we have formed our new school council group of children who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve our school here at Peatmoor.
Each term every class will elect two representatives to be members of the school council. Also included from year 6 will be a chair person and a secretary who then meets on a regular basis with Mrs Matthews to discuss the views of their class members and possible changes that can be made.
Our school council at Peatmoor have always been a big success and we look forward to the coming year where we are given opportunities to make our school an even better place.

Often we have ideas about how to make a better school such as having play equipment at lunch time; having an obstacle course in the playground; and ideas for clubs in school, or new recipes for the school lunch menu.
There is a suggestion box in the Library where anyone can write to us with a request or an idea, or even a moan about something that is upsetting them, and we will try to sort it out.