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Children: School Council

Our School Council helps to make Peatmoor a better school. 

Peatmoor's School Council continues to give the children a chance to voice their opinions and offer suggestions about the running of their school. The School Council meets at least once a term to discuss any issues that are important to the children. 

Where possible, the issues raised, are resolved and suggestions are put into practice. 


Who we are? 

Our School Council consists of two children from every class from Year 1 to Year 6. It represents the views of all our pupils and it gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and to contribute to the management of the school. 

In KS1 children are chosen by the class teachers. In KS2 children give a presentation to their class and are elected through a voting system. At the beginning of the school year, an introductory meeting is held to enable the children to form a relationship with each other. During this session, we talk about the things we like to do, find similarities between us and uncover any talents that the children have. Each representative are then given a badge to wear throughout the year. 

A suggestion box was created for each classroom by the School Council representatives in which children can place their ideas or concerns into. These are then brought to one of our meetings so the ideas can be organised and discussed. 

Often we have ideas about how to make a better school such as having play equipment at lunch time; having an obstacle course in the playground; and ideas for clubs in school, or new recipes for the school lunch menu. 

After this meeting, we set a date for our Year 6 representatives to meet with Mrs Matthews to discuss the views of their class members and possible changes that can be made. 

School Councillors are occasionally given extra duties or responsibilities that contribute to our community. This Christmas we made Christmas cards to send to a local care home. 


Welcome to our class representatives for 2023-2024.  They are: 

Year 1 – Millie and Logan

Year 2 – Remee-Beau and Alfred 

Year 3 – Harry S and Rosie

Year 4 – Harvey O and Isla 

Year 5 – Xanthe and Alaric 

Year 6 – Grace A and Charlie