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Welcome to Peatmoor Primary’s Science page. Below you will find links to the science curriculum, and some good websites to help your child with their learning.

Science is usually approached through topic work where activities are designed to provide opportunities for observation, measurement and evaluation; where children are taught to use simple apparatus and equipment.

 They are encouraged to identify problems, ask questions and make suggestions for solving them; to make predictions; to devise fair tests; to make comparisons and to identify patterns in results, to draw conclusions from their evidence and to communicate their results in a variety of ways.

 Their investigation skills are applied to the body of knowledge required to be taught through the National curriculum, including the physical properties of materials, the nature of change caused by heating and cooling and ways in which mixtures can be separated.

 Children also study the life processes in both plants and animals, their classification and their habitats. In addition they are taught the physical processes of forces and motion, light, sound, electricity and magnetism and the Earth’s place in the solar system.


In order to support Teaching and Learning within our Science curriculum, we use:

  • Snap Science 

Useful links:

Useful links to the curriculum topics taught at Peatmoor Primary:


BBC revision site fun games, quizzes and information


Woodlands site great activities and some lovely games