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Plas Pencelli 2021

Monday 4th October 2021:

Y6 have arrived safely at Plas Pencelli and all are well and excited about the week ahead. Bed making has been completed and lunch is next on the agenda for today! They will then get stuck into the main activity for the day followed by an evening meal and evening activity. We will update you on this tomorrow. There is no sunshine at present......it is definitely raining but let's hope some of this lovely sunshine we are having finds its way there. 
Evening update! Everyone went on an adventure walk this afternoon after lunch and got very wet and muddy! All the children had huge smiles on their faces and really enjoyed it. We are just getting ready for dinner and then it is orienteering this evening.......it looks like it will be in the rain! 

Tuesday 5th October

Everyone is having a great time. Canoeing all day. Three miles completed with a 400m tunnel to navigate - it was very dark in there! Lovely curry dinner tonight and off to the Dingle this evening. A walk, scramble and lots of fun working together....hoping to not get too wet! Mrs Matthews and Mrs Adams visited the children for a surprise this evening and took part in the Dingle Descent. It was very exciting seeing all the headtorches and wonderful to see and hear such great teamwork from Y6. Mrs Adams and Mrs Matthews did manage to stay upright the whole way through and ended the challenge not too wet! 

Wednesday 6th October

Another fabulous day in Pencelli. Some of the children found it a struggle to get up this morning and were very sleepy indeed! Everyone filled up at breakfast with cereal followed by sausages, beans and hash browns. The sun was shining today which was lovely. One group went climbing and many of the children overcame their fears. They took part in lots of climbs of varying heights, as well as abseiling. The other group went caving and got very wet and muddy again! They crawled through many small spaces as well as exploring larger areas of the cave. Tonight was a tasty meal of pasta and meatballs followed by chocolate cake and custard. The final activity of the day was running around the site in the dark with torches on a scavenger hunt. Looking forward to good sleep again tonight and more fun tomorrow! 

Thursday 7th October

Another busy day today and lots of tired and sleepy faces at breakfast this morning, including the adults! The sun was shining which was great but sadly it did not last. Today the groups swapped activities - the climbers got wet climbing because of the rain! The cavers got wet in the underground river. So lots of wet clothes to come home with tomorrow! That's not including the clothes that will be worn for gorge walking. The children loved the meal of fish and chips this evening followed by pancakes and ice cream - so much so that most of them had seconds! We then spent the evening packing our suitcases and getting ready to come home tomorrow. After that, we visited the tuck shop where lots of souvenirs were bought. Everyone is looking forward to gorge walking in the morning and sleeping in our own beds tomorrow evening!